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Do you get your message out effectively?

The internet is a powerful tool that can communicate a message to many thousands, even millions of people at a minimum cost. Professionally crafted Internet Flash Movies are an engaging and cost-effective way to organise and inform people about a particular issue.

Here’s how they work – an animated movie sequence is created around a particular theme or issue. When the movie is finished it links to a call to action page with further information. Supporters of this campaign send out an email to all their contacts promoting the movie and its message. They link to the movie on their website and encourage as many people as possible to do the same.

Understanding the power of this type of communication we the producers of the Ollie Programs have decided to create environmental and social campaigns based on animated Flash Movies. These campaigns can be viewed on Ollie’s website, linked to other websites or sent to thousands of people through email communication.

Research has shown that this strategy can be far more powerful than traditional marketing campaigns as it is far less expensive and can reach many more people in the virtual environment.

We are keen to work with companies and organisations interested in using this form of communication.

If you are interested in pursuing this type of web-based marketing strategy please contact us for more information on info@sustain-ability-int.com

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