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Reducing Telstra's Environmental Impact

When planning and maintaining Telstra's telecommunication networks, great care is taken by Telstra to consider the surrounding environment, including environmental factors such as:

  • World heritage values
  • Flora and fauna
  • Geology and soils
  • Noise, and
  • Air quality.

Telstra aims to minimise environmental impacts during both construction and ongoing operation and maintenance. With good environmental planning Telstra can minimise, for example, noise and visual impacts on our neighbours, erosion resulting from disturbance of soil, and disruption to local flora and fauna.

Reducing Energy Use

Solar panels in outback

Reducing energy usage is a key area that Telstra has been focusing on, and its plans to reduce energy use are on track. Since the year 2000, Telstra has aimed to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from its energy usage by 6 per cent (or 74,400 tonnes) up to September 2002. This reduction is equal to the emissions from approximately 8,200 average homes for an entire year. To achieve this target, Telstra is:

  • Replacing old payphones with Telstra 'Smart Payphones', which consume 50 per cent less power
  • Switching off computer monitors when not in use
  • Improving lighting and air conditioning controls
  • Reducing wasted space in buildings and
  • Some of Telstra's fleet cars will be converted to LPG, as gas has lower greenhouse emissions than petrol.



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