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Ollie helps launch the Mitre 10 Junior Landcare Grants Program

Ollie & Suzie launch Junior Landcare Grants ProgramLandcare Australia in association with Mitre 10 are set to launch a new initiative that allows Australian schools to apply for funds to implement environmental projects.

The Ollie Saves the Planet Program will form the basis of the educational aspect of the program with approved projects based around issues Ollie is most concerned with - Waste, Water, Energy, Air & Biodiversity.

The Mitre 10 Junior Landcare Grants Program gives Australian youth the opportunity to make a difference to our environment. The program presents a wide range of diverse projects at a local level to assist the environment in many areas around Australia

Ollie and Suzie  with kidsMitre 10 Junior Landcare Grants Program is essentially a grant scheme open to schools and other youth organisations around Australia. It will provide the funds to enable young people to participate in local Landcare projects.

The program will establish a three-way partnership between Landcare, Sponsors and the Community. It brings together industry, local government, non-government bodies, schools and other youth organisations and provides a framework for the funding of environmental projects enabling Australian youth to be actively involved.

Central to the Grants Program, is the notion of encouraging ownership through involvement. Through Mitre 10 Junior Landcare, kids not only learn how to help care for our environment but are given the resources to participate in local Landcare projects.

Suzie with kidsThe Mitre 10 Junior Landcare Grants Program is supported by an educational component through Ollie Saves the Planet Program. The projects fall under the categories of Waste, Water, Energy, Air and Biodiversity. The Mitre 10 Junior Landcare Grants Program will fund projects under these categories upon approval of application. The types of projects that can be undertaken are specific to the needs of the local area, but could include such projects as native tree planting, implementation of recycling and composting systems, or provision of alternative energy and water systems.

The Grant Program is student-oriented and student-driven. That is, it gives students the opportunity to recognise where changes need to be made in their local environment, and to then go about making those changes, with appropriate support and funding.

To find out more about the Mitre 10 Junior Landcare Program click on the following links:

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