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Ollie’s Mom visits Tallmadge Middle School

Whilst in Ohio attending the State Sustainable Development Conference, Jane Stewart, the Executive Producer of the USA Ollie Saves the Planet Program, took the opportunity to visit Tallmadge Middle School. Jane was received with great enthusiasm by many of the students who were not only interested in aspects of the Ollie Program but also had many questions about Australia (once they heard her accent).

Jane was very happy to hear that many of the students had already used the Ollie program in their classroom activities and encouraged them to think about their own role in caring for the environment.

Jane Stewart answering some questions
Jane Stewart answering some questions

Jane Stewart & teacher Carol Arbour amongst some enthusiastic students
Jane Stewart & teacher Carol Arbour amongst
some enthusiastic students

Jane, Carol and Shelley with students
Jane Stewart, Carol Arbour and Shelley Fehr
from the Akron/Summit Solid Waste Management Authority with some students

Carol Arbour at Tallmadge Middle School
Carol Arbour is one of the leading environmental educators at Tallmadge Middle School and has used the Ollie CD ROM in many of her classroom activities.


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