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Sustainability in the Community

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Organisations we proudly support in Australia 

Saving the Orangutans
Dr Willie Smits has devoted the last 13 years to working and campaigning for the survival of orangutans in Borneo. Current field research data estimates that the species will be extinct in the wild in our lifetime, if habitat clearing is not halted immediately.

Mitre 10 Junior Landcare Grants Program
The producers of the Ollie Saves the Planet program worked with Mitre 10 and Landcare Australia to develop educational content and guidelines for the Grants Program and associated website. Free copies of the Ollie Saves the Planet CD ROM were also provided to Landcare for use in their education programs.

Salvation Army
The Ollie’s World Website is an Internet Partner of the Salvation Army. The Ollie Saves the Planet CD ROM promotes the Salvation Army as an example of a community organisation working towards sustainability.

Whyalla Eco Renovation Information Centre
Ollie Saves the Planet and Ollie Recycles CD ROMs have been donated to WERIC for use in on site energy education and in local schools.

Harvest Lakes Housing Development
With contributions to their quarterly newsletter, Ollie is proud to be helping to send the message of sustainable living to the community of Harvest Lakes in Western Australia.

Walk the World Campaign
Sustain Ability International was a proud supporter of this campaign


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