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 Testimonials from Teachers

What teachers have said about the Ollie programs in Australia and the UK.

Ollie Saves the Planet Australia

“For those teachers who are charged with the responsibility to educate our students about the environment and all the interrelated issues such as sustainability, waste, energy production and conservation and use of resources, there is possibly no better resource developed than ‘Ollie Saves the Planet’.

We highly recommend this CD-ROM because it has many elements that make it an outstanding resource… The teachers' notes and lesson plans will also make integrating of the resource into the curriculum much easier. It’s also reassuring for teachers to know that this resource has been through a stringent quality assurance process and that each activity has been carefully developed and tested to ensure accuracy and that it works effectively across both computer platforms… we are sure that all students using the CD-ROM ‘Ollie saves the planet’ will benefit greatly and in turn the environment will benefit through a higher awareness of sustainability issues”
Martin Richards - Senior Project Officer
Department of Education and Training, Victoria

“As the Project Co-ordinator of the Global Education Project in Victoria it is my responsibility to conduct professional development sessions to the broader educational community so as to integrate global education into the curriculum. Already I have delivered more than 20 sessions to over 150 teachers and pre-service teachers using the Ollie Saves the Planet Program and each time I am thrilled at the response. It is a wonderful resource that is easy to use and highly interactive with its message of sustainability. It fits neatly with the existing curriculum which makes it easy to incorporate into lesson plans.”
Jonathan Hayman – Project Co-ordinator
Global Education Project

“Ollie saves the Planet has been an excellent resource and supplement to the Sustainable Schools Program. By all reports the whole program is student and teacher friendly, easy to navigate and picks up on all of the key sustainability questions and concepts. Even my own children have spent hours using it!”
Glenn Davidson – Sustainable Schools Program Manager
CERES Community Environment Park, Victoria

“I found the CD extremely useful. It gave the children a good understanding of the environment. Though the context was Australian it did not matter, as it seems to bridge easily across other cultures. The language was simple for the primary 6 to understand. It was very user friendly and a very good level for my students. The children had hours of fun and they showed an eagerness to follow all the different avenues. After these lessons I gave the children a small simple test to confirm what they had learned and I found that all of them retained a high percentage (85%) of what was covered in the CD.

I wish to congratulate your team on the great effort to produce such a great tool. It opened the eyes of my students at HKPPS on the problems affecting the earth and they had great fun with it.”
Gigi Warne – Principal
Hong Kong Poinsettia Primary School, Hong Kong.



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