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Ollie's Ambassador -
Eric Philips, Polar Eco-Adventurer

Eric Philips - Ollie's AmbassadorEric Philips is a member of the community who is doing his part to incorporate sustainability into his everyday life. What's unusual about Eric is that his everyday life includes being a polar adventurer!

Eric is an experienced adventurer specialising in self-supported expeditions to the Polar Regions. He is the only person to have skied across the world's four largest icecaps - Antarctica to the South Pole, Greenland, the South Patagonian Icecap and Ellesmere Island.

Eric sees the Polar Regions where he travels as an indicator of how humans are affecting the planet. Even in Antarctica, scientists can find evidence of air pollution, reduced biodiversity, and global warming. So Eric's message is simple - we must all act now to start moving towards sustainability. This means practising the 4Rs every day - even when you're in the middle of Antarctica!


Eric's sledEric's sled - carrying everything he will need for 100 days on the ice.

On his expeditions Eric and his companions can only carry a limited amount of weight. This means that they cannot afford to waste anything. They carry all of their food with them - often this has to last them months on end. This means that they never throw any food away! In fact, they create hardly any waste at all. And the waste that they do produce is carefully collected and recycled or disposed of responsibly at the end of their trip.


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