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Ollie's Team

Many people help to make the CDs and web sites for my Programs.
Here's my 'mum and dad' - Jane Stewart and Peter Broadbent.

Ollie with 'Mum and Dad'

Here's my team for Ollie Saves the Planet - Australia.

Ollie with his team

Kate Armstrong with backing singers

Team Members

Executive Producer

Jane Stewart


Assistant Producer/ Research and Content Development

Camilla McTier


Creative Director

Tim Austin

World Wide Interactive Group




Multimedia Production

Tim Austin


Interactive Development and Programming

Peter Cohen



Brett Copley

All Media

Interface Design/ Illustration/ Animation

Tim Austin



Jenny Barnes

Evolution Interactive


Rachael Barnes
Emily Collingwood
Denise Jury
Louise Craddock


Audio Engineer

Fabian Fitzgerald

Flix n Lix

Opening Song

Kate Armstrong

Azimuth Arts

Backing Singers

Jessica Farrelly
Patrick Farrelly
Arianne Broadbent
Lauren Donazzen


Voice Acting

Damian Bodie
Richard Aspel
Steve Whittaker
Rebecca Macauley


Web Site



Webmaster / Developer

Robert Smith

Word Design Interactive

Instructional Designer/
Information Architect

Mary Lancaster

Word Design Interactive

Graphic Designer

Darren Cummings

2SD Media

Web Builder

Ken Seamon

Word Design Interactive

Content Development



Environmental Education Development and Evaluation

Debbie Heck
Dan Garlick

Centre for Innovation and Research in Environmental Education


Bob Winters
Pat Armstrong
Jim Grant

Gould League

Industry and government related content

Representatives from our Supporters

Supporter information

Great job. Thank you everyone.


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