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Ollie Recycles - Australia 1997

Launch of CD-ROM and web site - 6th June 1997

Launched in an Internet café in Melbourne, by the Honorable Marie Tehan - then Victorian Minister for Conservation and Land Management.

Program contents

The Ollie Recycles story is set within a context of Australian conditions and local school curriculum and focusses on the issues of:

  • Waste minimisation
  • Litter prevention
  • Resource recovery
  • Recycling.

Ground-breaking presentation

Ollie Recycles' was the first program of its kind to introduce the topic of recycling in a multimedia format, and bring together all the material groups (glass, plastic, steel, aluminium, paper, cardboard and textiles) - in a one-stop resource package for teachers and the community.

The program was developed in Australia by a production team that blended the skills and expertise of educationalists, industry representatives and multimedia practitioners.

Interactive technology

'Ollie Recycles' used interactive technology to create a learning tool for children aged 5 - 11 years. The program's format was exciting, challenging and up to date in its environmental information.


The CD-ROM was first delivered to all schools in the State of Victoria, free of charge. This was made possible by funding from the original supporters.

Management and staff of these organisations then assisted with a traditional retail effort, and thousands of CDs were delivered into schools and community groups throughout Australia.

The 'Ollie Program' became positioned as a valuable tool in Australian environmental education.

Original supporters

The original supporters were EcoRecycle, BIEC (Beverage Industry Environment Council) and Visy Recycling.

These organisations understood the benefits in educating the community about sustainable waste management - and were particularly supportive about dissemination of this information to primary schools.

Praise from the Gould League, Victoria

Ms Pat Armstrong, from the Gould League in Victoria, has extensive educational experience in the area of waste minimisation and management. Pat has stated: "The Ollie Program has become a "standard" in using information technology in environmental education in classrooms throughout Victoria."

This is a great accolade, and one that we want to continue to receive from expert environmental educationalists around the world.


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